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A report into how the UK is failing to cope with its air pollution problem

RTE 2/16 UK air pollution: A week to the week The air quality in the UK has improved by one level since the beginning of the week.

However, the average daily reading of PM2.5 – particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers – remains above safe levels, according to data from the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

PA 3/16 Scotland’s air pollution crisis A crisis has erupted in Scotland over air pollution, with the health service warning people to stay indoors.

Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said the number of respiratory illnesses recorded for the Scottish Health Service, including one in a man with pneumonia, was at a 25-year high.

He said the situation was “very serious” and the Scottish Government had put the issue “at the top of the agenda”.

PA 4/16 France air pollution France’s air quality continues to worsen as part of its efforts to cut its emissions.

At the same time as Paris, the country has suffered a surge in CO2 emissions from motor vehicles, a trend that is expected to continue.

A new report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned the number one air pollutant for the UK and France is diesel fumes from motor vehicle exhaust.

Air pollution is linked to respiratory illnesses and is a major cause of death for people in Europe, with lung cancer, heart disease and stroke the main causes.

EPA 5/16 Russia air pollution Russia is in the grip of an air pollution emergency as its government and industry struggle to tackle the crisis.

According to official figures, the government’s air pollutants index (AQI) has hit an all-time high of 36.7 on a scale of 100.

Air quality in Moscow has worsened, with smog and haze reaching a record-breaking 180 microgrammes per cubic metre in parts of the city centre.

The latest official data from Russia shows that the worst affected regions are in the central city of Volgograd, and the Black Sea coastal city of Novosibirsk.

EPA 6/16 Britain’s air emissions crisis The UK is still struggling to tackle its air quality problem despite the latest report from the IPCC showing the country’s CO2 emission levels are on track to exceed the legally binding target of limiting global warming to below 2C.

The government says it is tackling the problem by increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars, cutting power bills and cutting pollution from other sources, but the latest data suggests those measures may not be enough.

Getty 7/16 The worst air pollution UK air quality has risen again in recent weeks, reaching a new all- time high on Sunday, according the latest official figures.

On average, air quality reached a new daily record high of 34.3 micrograms per cubic meter, according a report from UK-based research group Air Quality Index (AqI).

Getty 8/16 China air pollution China is the biggest air polluter in the world, emitting almost twice as much CO2 as the UK.

However the country still faces a crisis over its air and air pollution.

Beijing has ordered an unprecedented crackdown on the industry, with factories ordered to reduce CO2 output by 25 per cent by 2020.

It has also ordered new regulations to limit emissions from coal-fired power plants and the burning of wood and paper by 2022.

The move has angered local governments and business groups who say the measures will only worsen air pollution in their cities and hurt local economies.

Getty 9/16 India’s air problems Air quality has worsened in the country over the last few days as a series of air quality alerts have been issued by the country.

These alerts are in response to the worst of the coronavirus pandemic in India, with levels of PM10 and PM2 over the maximum safe level having reached levels of 400 microgramms per cubic metres in some parts of Mumbai.

India has also seen a spike in CO and NO2 levels in some of the worst-affected regions, with a reading of over 400 microgpm in Mumbai last night reaching over 400,000 microgramm.

Rex Features 10/16 South Africa air pollution South Africa has become the world’s biggest air pollution producer in recent years, with nearly 2,000 air quality warnings issued over the past three months, according on Tuesday.

However this latest data, from the Centre for Air Quality Monitoring (CAAM), shows that pollution levels are at their worst in five years, hitting a new record high.

It is the latest sign of the country facing an unprecedented CO2 crisis as it tries to meet a legal target of cutting CO2 by 30 per cent.

The data also shows that PM10 has soared to record levels in Johannesburg, with pollution levels of more than 50 microgrampm.

EPA 11/16 Germany’s air problem Germany is struggling to contain a growing trend of respiratory illness and coronavir