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When Air Conditioning Companies Quit Arizona Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner and Hot Water Equipment manufacturing company Polaris Air Conditioned has been closed in Arizona, a source with knowledge of the situation told Vice News.

Polaris had been in the process of closing up shop in Phoenix and Arizona since March of last year.

Polaris closed the company in March of 2017, and in March the company said it had been “shelved” and would close in 2019.

Polaris was a manufacturer of air conditioning equipment, and the company was the first to market a product called the Polaris Air Thermostat.

Polaris did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Polaris AirThermostat was developed to replace older models of the same air conditioner.

Polaris’ company website describes it as “a versatile, high performance, and low maintenance, single-sided air-conditioning unit that offers a wide range of temperature and humidity profiles.”

The company did not provide any further information about the closure.

Polaris has been manufacturing air conditioning products for nearly two decades, according to Polaris’ website.

Polaris operates in more than 180 countries.

Polaris Air Coolers is a subsidiary of Polaris Corporation.