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New air conditioning specialist: ‘I was shocked to see it was a big fat bird’

AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALIST JOHN HAGAN HAS A PROBLEM WITH HEATING THE WATER: HAGANS AIR CON DERIVATIVES have been criticised for not getting proper water pressure at the base of the tower.

A video posted online by the BBC News website shows HAGans Air Conditioning specialist John Hagans standing outside the building.

A few minutes later, a giant bird appears on the side of the building and drops down into the water.

It’s not clear what it is but it’s clear Hagans is in a state of shock and does not know what to do.

The bird then disappears into the air, landing in a hole in the ground.

Mr Hagans says the bird was “a big fat white bird” and it appeared to be trying to get at him.

HAGAS AIR CON SERVICES are understood to have been inundated with calls from people concerned about the bird.

“They were telling us that the birds were trying to reach our premises, we were trying our best to put out the fire,” Mr Hagas said.

“The bird was a giant white bird that was trying to take a hole into the ground and I don’t think they knew what to put it into.” “

The whole building was in flames and the bird came through.”

“The bird was a giant white bird that was trying to take a hole into the ground and I don’t think they knew what to put it into.”

Mr Hagases wife is also at the scene.

“It was very scary,” she said.

He said he had never seen anything like it before.

He added the bird appeared to have fallen out of the sky and was “dying”.

“It fell from the sky, it was coming down towards the ground.”

“It’s a bit of a miracle, I’m not sure what to say,” Mr Hagan said.

Hagans air conditioning is a major part of HAGA, a company which specialises in air conditioning in residential homes and businesses.

The company has a contract to provide air conditioning at a number of high-rise buildings in the city.

“We have a contract with the government to provide the air conditioning for a number, I think they’re all very well known, and we are in a very busy building,” Mr Tulloch said.

It was not clear if the bird had landed in the building or whether it had been taken there by the fire service.

The BBC has contacted HAG and HAGas Air Conditioners for comment.

HANGING THE WOODS IN THE WATERS HAGAFS COOLER SYSTEM was installed by the council in the 1980s, and it is believed to be one of the oldest systems in Australia.

The HAG Air Conditioner System has a capacity of 800 square metres, which is equivalent to about 300 bathtubs.

“That’s a lot of space for a bathtub, so it’s pretty significant,” Mr McGowan said.

In the video, Mr McGowans said the HAG system was “totally new” and had been installed in a house “in the middle of the street”.

The Hag Air Conditionors site, which includes a hotel, is located at the corner of Queen Street and Wellington Street in the CBD.