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The Latest on the fatal accident at the world’s tallest structure, which will raise the building to 2,000 meters (8,400 feet) from its original height of 1,800 meters (4,000 feet)

Air conditioning engineer John “Buzz” O’Leary was killed on Sunday when his air conditioning unit caught fire during a test for a new air conditioner that has the potential to raise the world tall building to 1,000 meter (8.4 foot) from the ground.

O’Leigh, 46, was among more than 200 people who attended a safety seminar hosted by a Calgary company that makes air conditioners for large buildings, including the world tallest.

A Calgary fire marshal was also called in to help.

The Canadian Press first reported the accident on Monday.

The Calgary Fire and Rescue Service confirmed O’Laime’s death on Monday evening.

A video posted to YouTube showed O’Laughlin’s vehicle parked in the parking lot of a building on Sunday morning.

“It was a nice day out,” O’Learys car’s owner, Dave Smith, told CBC News.

“We had a good time.”

O’ Learys vehicle was parked outside the building, and Smith said it was empty at the time of the accident.

Smith said the car has been taken to a safe place.

O Learys insurance was paid for by his wife and children, and he said the family had no plans to move the car.

“He was a great guy.

He loved his family and was very much involved in his job,” Smith said.

“There was no question about that.

He was just a really nice guy.”

Smith said he and his wife had planned to move into the new home that O Leary had bought for them at a loss of about $3 million.

“This is a family that is very supportive,” Smith told CBC.

“They want it to be safe, and it will be.”

O Learies death comes after two other people died in similar accidents at the top of the world this year.

The National Transportation Safety Board said on Monday it had completed its investigation into the two deaths.

The cause of the other accident, which occurred on June 1, was not immediately known.

The accident at Calgary’s 2,200-metre (841-foot) Willis Tower is the tallest building in the world.

The Willis Tower opened in 1931 and has been home to some of the biggest building projects in Calgary’s history, including construction of the Expo Line, the Willis Tower and the new Westin hotel.

O Laime worked for Canadian National Railway for 30 years, but was not employed by the company when the air condition unit he was working on caught fire.

The air conditioning system, which was in the process of being tested, caught fire when the unit was operating and ignited, the Calgary Fire Service said in a statement.

The building’s electrical system also caught fire, causing a partial loss of power and sparking a large amount of smoke, the statement said.

O Leigh was the head of the design team that created the Willis tower, and was responsible for many of the air conditioning systems that are now used on the city’s tallest buildings, such as the Canadian Tire Centre and the Olympic Park.

He had been working on building projects at the Willis Towers.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the O Laife family at this time,” said Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

“The Willis Tower will remain closed until further notice.

The City of Calgary has issued a temporary closure for the entire Willis Tower area due to the incident.”