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How to keep your home from heating up

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSAssociated PressThe heat wave of late October forced more than 100,000 residents of a Southern California suburb to evacuate their homes, shutting down the state’s biggest city.

In California, nearly 80,000 homes and businesses have been shut down since the start of the week.

The California Air Resources Board says a “high” temperature index in the Bay Area reached 106 degrees on Thursday, the hottest temperature in more than two months.

The agency says that is the third-highest temperature index on record.

The temperature is the highest in the Pacific Northwest since October 11.

More:Heatwave is forcing evacuationsThe board said the high temperature index has been linked to the spread of the coronavirus, which is spread through the air and is causing more and more heat-related deaths.

It says a high index could indicate an increased risk of heat-induced death.

It was not immediately clear how many people had been diagnosed with coronaviruses.___Associated Press writer Chris Gardner in Portland, Oregon; and the Associated Press contributed to this report.___