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The top 10 jobs for air conditioning professionals

A lot of people think air conditioning is for people who live in the mountains and can’t afford a big house.

That’s not the case, experts say.

Air conditioning is also important for businesses and organizations that need to keep the lights on, heat and air conditioning in a timely fashion.

The following are the top 10 positions for air conditioners in 2018:1.

Manager of the air conditioning system2.

Senior air conditioning technician3.

Assistant air conditioning systems technician4.

Maintenance manager5.

Air conditioning technician6.

Air conditioner service representative7.

Maintenance coordinator8.

Service representative9.

Maintenance supervisor10.

Maintenance technicianFor air conditioning experts, this means air conditioning workers are usually well paid, and many of them are already professionals.

They can do air conditioning jobs that involve cleaning, maintaining and repairing air conditioner systems.

But you need to be careful when hiring air conditioning specialists, as they may not have the knowledge of proper air conditioning installation and maintenance, said Dr. Andrew Pimentel, a certified air conditioning installer.

A lot of air conditioning installations require air conditioning equipment to be maintained.

Some air conditioning systems may be outdated, and require maintenance, but others will not, Pimentels said.

The top 10 occupations for air conditioned professionals include:1: Air conditioning technicians2: Maintenance technicians3: Air conditioners and air condition control operators4: Air conditioned maintenance workers5: Air Conditioning Technicians6: Air-conditioned maintenance personnel7: Air and electrician maintenance technicians8: Air service technicians9: Air technicians and service technicians10: Air handlers