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Air Conditioning ‘busted’ in California, New York

Air conditioning systems were “busted” in California and New York, the two states that have strict rules on cooling air in homes, the state Department of Energy and Public Utilities said.

In New York City, the system failed about a dozen times over the last week.

The New York State Emergency Management Agency said that the system, which monitors air quality in homes in the state, had “a problem with its energy supply and did not comply with our air quality guidelines.”

The agency said that about 10% of the system’s energy was “used for heating.”

The agency said the issue was traced to a small air conditioning unit on a roof of an apartment complex.

The company said it was replacing the air conditioning system with a new unit that meets state requirements.

The state’s Department of Environmental Conservation said it is “monitoring the situation and taking additional steps to ensure the safety of our residents.”

The department said the state will “take appropriate actions.”