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A new way to pay for air conditioning

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the cost of an air conditioning unit is now about $20 per month.

It’s an increase of about 50 per cent since the last ABS data was published.

And it’s a big one.

The ABS said the average cost of a new air conditioner is now $15.50.

If you have an existing unit in your home and you buy an air conditioners new replacement, you will be paying $15 per month for the unit.

There’s a significant discount to be had on the new unit, the ABS said.

But what if you’ve bought a new unit and your old unit is still working?

If the old unit had been replaced, your air conditioning bills could be about $80 per month cheaper, the agency said.

The ABS also says there are more ways to pay to keep your air conditioning working.

You can get a rebate from the Bureau of Meteorology for buying an air-conditioning unit that is older than 30 days.

Or, if you’re a business, you can get an annual rebate.

For those who want to pay less, there are some great savings to be found in buying your airconditioning at a local outlet.

Brent Zlotnick from the Australian Institute of Air Engineers said the rebate offered to people buying an appliance from a local retailer was a good deal.

“The rebate will save you about $5 or $6 a month, which is really quite good value for money,” he said.

“There are some small things like the fact that if you go to your local store, you’ll be getting a rebate for a certain product.”

If you’re buying from an appliance retailer, they’ll get a discount for a small part of the appliance and that will save money.

“But if you buy your air-condensation unit online, you won’t be able to save much.

That’s because air conditioning units in Australia are sold at wholesale prices, and the retail price is often much higher than the advertised retail price.

When you visit a local store and check the air conditioning prices, you’re likely to be able find an air conditioned unit for less than what the advertised price is.”

You’re getting a product that’s advertised at a higher retail price and you can save $5-10 per month on that product, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get the full rebate,” Mr Zlotnik said.

Mr Zlotik said if you were planning to replace your air conditionser, it was a wise move to save as much as possible.”

It’s really important to save money in the long run, but it’s also a very good idea to keep an eye on your costs and keep checking the online rebate site to see if you can find a lower retail price,” he told ABC Radio Perth.”

And if you find one, you could save up to $15 a month.