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How to save money by buying Teslas instead of electric cars

Teslas are a luxury vehicle, but it is also an investment that many Australians are making with their dollars.

We have been told by many that they will save us money on petrol and electricity over the next five years, so why not take a punt on the car that promises to save us the most in fuel and electricity costs over the coming decade?

That’s what Teslas do.

They are a great bargain for the money, they have a good range and are a good deal for those who want to go electric.

In 2017, the company introduced a new model, the Teslas S. It is the world’s cheapest electric car.

Tesla says its new model is the best electric car in the world, and has been praised by leading electric car expert and former Ford CEO Alan Mulally.

“It has a very good range, it’s very quick and its very safe,” Mr Mulally told ABC Radio Adelaide.

A spokesperson for Teslas confirmed that the S was the most affordable electric car available in Australia.

The spokesperson said that the price of the S in Australia had been adjusted based on the cost of petrol and the cost to run the battery pack, but added that the cost per kilometre to charge would be less.

Australia’s biggest car manufacturers are also making their electric cars cheaper, with some of the biggest names in the industry including Toyota, Honda and Hyundai also offering electric models.

Toyota’s Prius plug-in hybrid has a range of 130km (83 miles), which is a huge improvement on the current version of the Prius, which has a maximum range of about 60km (37 miles).

Honda has its electric EV Hybrid, which can reach 200km (124 miles), but the cost is higher.

Hyundai has the Hyundai i30, which is the lowest cost car in Australia and the cheapest car in North America.

Both Hyundai and Toyota have a huge range.

But while Teslas may be cheaper than the current model, they do not offer the same range.

Tesla has also come under fire for not offering enough range, but the company has said it has worked with its suppliers to improve the range of its cars.

As a result, there is a range between about 40 and 80 kilometres between each charge.

This range will increase significantly over time, but at the moment, there are no Teslas on the road in Australia, and the company says it will soon introduce more Teslas.

For more information on the Tesla electric car, you can read our Teslas FAQ.