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Why the Liberals have lost the air conditioning debate

Air conditioning is not the biggest issue facing Canada’s climate-change deniers.

The Liberals are running a campaign that relies on a combination of nostalgia and fearmongering.

It relies on the belief that a climate catastrophe is inevitable.

In other words, the Conservatives are going to get elected because they are the ones who have the power to reverse climate change.

A few years ago, it would have been hard to deny the Liberals’ success in wooing the public by framing climate change as a “social justice issue.”

But now that the party is running a full-court press to present climate change in a more partisan fashion, it is increasingly difficult to imagine a world without air conditioning.

Air conditioning, in other words.

And, yes, that is the one that gets a lot of heat.

The Liberal Party is using climate change to justify its campaign, even as it continues to make other questionable climate policies.

In one campaign ad, a man is seen sitting on a bed in a hotel lobby, reading a book while talking on his phone.

He wears a red “climate change” T-shirt with the phrase “we need to fight climate change” printed on it.

The Liberals’ new campaign theme, “Climate change is our issue,” features a picture of a hotel’s lobby, with a headline reading “Climate Change, It’s Your Problem.”

It is a campaign about climate change that is meant to scare Canadians into voting Liberal in a future election.

The campaign also includes an image of a large tree in a forest, with the headline “Climate War is your problem.”

The campaign is also trying to scare the public into voting Conservative.

The Liberals have tried to make climate change a wedge issue in this election.

In an online ad, the Liberals state that climate change is a “war against the planet” that will be “defeating the planet.”

The ad also includes a picture showing a group of people sitting around a campfire, which the Liberals say is “climate war” in nature.

Another campaign ad features a man reading a textbook while watching a video of the Arctic ice melt, which is a video that shows a polar bear eating a seal.

And this is the thing about the Liberals.

They are using climate denial to make the case that climate deniers are “anti-science” or “fringe” or worse.

And that’s how they have been able to convince Canadians that climate denial is a legitimate and legitimate issue.

This is why the Liberal Party has been able, for example, to convince a majority of Canadians to support the Keystone XL pipeline.

The Trudeau government has made it clear that the Liberals are not anti-science.

It’s simply a “climate denial” issue.

It’s not just the Liberals who are using this as an election issue.

The Conservatives, too, have used climate denial as an excuse to win election.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who is also the minister responsible for climate change, said in 2015 that climate-related risks were a “political football.”

And the Trudeau government is using the same tactic in this campaign.

The Conservatives have also used climate change denial to distract from the party’s economic record.

The party has been making this argument since its inception, even though, according to the Canadian Climate Coalition, the federal government has not done enough to curb carbon emissions.

There are plenty of other examples of climate denial in Canada.

In 2011, the government was in the midst of its carbon tax rollout, and climate change was a big part of the discussion.

The Conservative government also promised to increase the number of jobs in its climate-focused economy.

The promise was never made.

In fact, the promise was broken and the jobs were lost.

The government has since committed to increasing carbon taxes by 50 per cent and then adding another $40 billion in taxes in 2020, the next year.

As the Liberals try to make a similar argument about climate denial, a few things are certain: Canada’s economy is in a recession.

The economy is suffering from climate change and it will only get worse.

The climate change-denying Liberals are trying to use this as a wedge to distract voters from the economic situation.

It is also an attempt to win over a certain demographic group, one that is not likely to vote Liberal in the next election.

And in this particular election, the party has done very little to appeal to that demographic.