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How to find a new job in COVID-19

The CDC is warning that many employers are choosing to not employ COVID workers, despite warnings that workers are at high risk for infection.

The warning comes as workers have been given the green light to start caring for sick people, after a two-week deferral on Friday.

Many companies have also announced they will stop hiring COVID employees in the coming weeks, including some of the country’s biggest companies, including Walmart, Target and Macy’s.

“We know that employers are taking the time to assess the health risks posed by COVID and will provide a clear update as we work with state and local health departments and other federal partners to provide the best care possible,” said Dr. Andrew Knobe, the head of the CDC’s COVID program.

“If you have been in a position that requires you to work with COVID patients and have not had a COVID exposure in the last two weeks, please do not apply for a position.”

More than 6.6 million people in the U.S. were infected in the pandemic, and 1.7 million died, according to the CDC.

About 2.5 million were working in jobs that were not part of the government-mandated flu vaccine program, the agency said.

“As the CDC continues to monitor the pandemics spread, we have made the important decision to defer all new COVID infections,” CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden said in a statement.

“We are also taking action to address the underlying causes of the pandems infection, such as improper ventilation and insufficient ventilation.”

In addition, many of the companies that had previously suspended their COVID vaccine contracts have announced that they will resume the programs starting Monday.

On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement saying that “many employers have decided not to hire COVID, but have offered some flexibility.”

“The decision was made based on an assessment of the COVID risk and the availability of a qualified COVID worker to work in a job that requires a COVEV vaccination,” the statement read.