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How to use the Air-Conditioning Feature in Your Home

You’ve got to have a really cool TV to enjoy the awesome air-conditioning you get at home, and this is where the Google Air-conditioner comes in.

The new Google TV device lets you turn your TV into a great air-conner by turning the remote into an Air-Conner for $69.99.

You can add it to your existing TV, or you can buy a new one that comes with Google Airconners.

The $69 purchase includes everything you need for two Air-conners, and the app will tell you the temperature and humidity level of your air-condenser.

You also get Google’s famous voice search feature, which lets you find the exact location of your TV in your home and find the correct Air-Cone for you.

The device will also allow you to turn off your TV entirely if you don’t want to get your TV tuned in, but you can still do so by using the remote.

The Google TV app lets you add and manage Air-Containers on your Google TV, and can be found in the Google Play store.

The air-containers can be installed on Google TV devices or you may want to use an existing Air-container on your TV.

For more info on installing Air Containers on a TV, check out our previous Google TV guide.

If you’re not a fan of the new Air-CONners, you can also add them to your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to use as Air-contenders.

Just remember to put the Airconner inside a sealed container, which means that the Aircontainers are protected from moisture.

Google says the AirConners work by taking ambient air and converting it to CO2 to keep your TV from freezing.

You’ll need an HDMI-connected TV or projector for this feature to work, but the company says that your device should have a built-in fan that’s capable of blowing cold air in and out.

To install the Air Contners, head to Google’s Air-Toggle page.

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