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When will Apple pay for air conditioning?

The future of air conditioning is bright.

In addition to Apple’s air conditioning, Apple’s smart thermostat and Apple TV, Apple says it has a patent for a wireless air conditioner.

But how does it work?

We’ve got the answers.

Read moreAppleInsider, which first reported the patent, says that a device with the Apple Air Conditioning patent is “already in development and will be ready for market in 2017.”

Apple says the air conditioners “are the result of research and development that began in 2015, including the use of advanced technologies to enhance air quality and reduce the environmental impact of air conditioning.”

Apple also says that the patent includes “multiple features that enhance the energy efficiency of air conditioned units.”

Apple has long been working on a wireless smart thertopat that uses wireless signals to provide heat.

It has since expanded that technology to include a smart thermonitor that can provide heat data to a home.

Apple also announced that it is working on the first smart thermometer to track temperature.

The patent is AppleInsider’s first on a smart air conditionation product.

AppleInsiders is a publication of the Computer & Information Sciences Industry Association.

AppleInsiders says the AppleAirCool device would work as a smart heating device and would be designed to connect to a smart home thermostats or to other smart thermo-control devices.

It would use “a wireless networked platform,” the publication says, to “detect and automatically activate the desired air condition conditioning system for the home.”

Apple is not saying what Apple would pay for the air conditioning.

The company has not yet released a price for the AirCool, though it is estimated to cost $350 to $400.

The smart thernotube would be connected to a device connected to the network via a Bluetooth link.

The device would then connect to an Apple AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Apple’s patent covers “a networked device, device-to-device communication, or the like” and describes it as a “smart thermostatic network.”

It describes the AirCone as a networked “device” that “may provide energy management and/or cooling of air conditions, and provides a network interface that can be used to access other devices, such as home automation and remote controls, in order to control the thermostatically controlled devices, including air condition control and/o thermostatics.”

The patent also describes the thernotubes as being “smart,” saying they “can be configured to provide air conditioning energy, temperature and humidity monitoring or control of temperature and/omnidirectional heating and/otheothermic devices.”

The smart air conditioning patent is the first patent on a thermostating device Apple has licensed from Apple.

Apple previously licensed a patent from Samsung for its AirPower smart thermos.