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New air conditioning contractor fined for not providing air conditioning

A New Zealand-based company has been fined for failing to provide air conditioning to a building’s air conditioning unit after an air conditioning supplier complained about the unit’s faulty operation.

Key points:The company was fined $1,500 for not supplying air conditioning in the unit at a Wellington hotelInspector Martin Brown said it was an industry “problem”The Wellington unit was being monitored by a contractor and an employee had complained about problemsThe fine is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

The Wellington hotel where the unit was located was monitoring the air conditioner for problems.

Inspectors from the New Zealand Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) said the company was “an industry problem” and had been fined $3,500 by the court.

“It was an unfortunate situation for the hotel to have to deal with and the compliance with the requirements of the building regulations was an issue,” Inspector Martin Brown from the NCAT said.

The inspector said the hotel had had no contact with the contractor about the air conditioning.

The building company said the unit could have been installed in a different room, but was not because of concerns about the integrity of the air cooling system.

“The air conditioning system is designed and maintained to be able to provide good cooling to the rooms within the building,” the company said in a statement.

“Inspection by the NZ Civil and Administration Tribunal found that the unit in question was not working correctly and therefore did not meet the requirements required by the building and was therefore not eligible for air conditioning.”

The company said it had contacted the hotel about the issue and the matter was being investigated.

It said it would be reimbursed for any damages incurred.

“As the case was handled by the NHRA, we will not be able for now to provide any compensation for the affected building,” it said.

Air conditioning in New England and the UK was not regulated until 2008The unit was installed by the company, which was not involved in the case, in the Wellington hotel.

It was not the first time a New Zealand air conditioning company had been found to be in breach of regulations.

In February 2016, a company was found guilty of breaching regulations in New York and fined $2,500.

The fine for the Wellington case was the largest ever.

It comes after the Department of the Environment said there were “a significant number” of air conditioning units in New Hampshire.